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The Story Behind your Dream Build

Welcome to Mahker, where we transform your Land Rover Defender into a masterpiece. Situated in the picturesque heart of Shropshire, our internationally-inspired workshop is where outstanding vehicles come to life. With a strong sense of pride in our British roots, our team of dedicated and highly skilled engineers pursues excellence in every project. Founded by Dave Lea in 2009, a former Royal Marine engineer, Mahker and its sister company,, have evolved from humble beginnings into industry leaders in crafting bespoke 4×4 vehicles.

As you embark on this journey with us, from the moment you meet the Mahker family to the triumphant delivery of your custom Land Rover, our core values are intricately woven into every step. You’ll experience the pride we take in our work, the integrity that underpins our commitment to your vision, and the unwavering focus on quality that ensures your vehicle will stand the test of time.


At Mahker, we consider you a part of our extended family from the very first encounter. This initial meeting is the opportunity for us to get to know you and understand your vision for your dream Land Rover. With over 40 years of expertise in engine building and vehicle design, we are committed to crafting a vehicle that stands the test of time. Our unwavering dedication to improvement drives us to create something truly exceptional, ensuring your Land Rover is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence.


When it comes to your Land Rover project, you have options. You can kickstart your journey with your existing vehicle, or allow us to take the reins in locating the perfect Land Rover for your vision. If you opt for the latter, we’ll seamlessly manage the import process, ensuring that the foundation of your bespoke Land Rover meets our exacting standards. The choice is yours, and we’re here to make it happen.


At Mahker, we embark on the journey of reworking your Defender from the ground up. Our meticulous approach involves a comprehensive inspection and refurbishment of every component, ensuring that your vehicle is in optimal condition. From the tires to the engine, we leave no stone unturned, always seeking ways to enhance and improve your Land Rover the Mahker way. Our commitment to excellence extends to every part of your vehicle, making it a true masterpiece.


Defining Your Vehicle’s Purpose: Your Land Rover’s heart is at the core of its identity, and at Mahker, we engage in a thoughtful conversation to uncover its true purpose. Whether it’s destined for thrilling adventures, weekend escapades, or serving as your dependable daily driver, we’re here to tailor the build to your needs. Alternatively, we can merge these intentions to create a one-of-a-kind Land Rover that aligns perfectly with your unique requirements. It’s all about ensuring that your vehicle reflects not only your style but also your aspirations


Painting Your Dream: Your Land Rover’s appearance is a canvas for self-expression, and at Mahker, we empower you to choose your style. Within our in-house paint facility, we offer a world of possibilities, from vibrant Miami Blue to sleek Santorini Black. With extensive expertise in applying satin series colors, our team can effortlessly match any shade, ensuring that your personal tastes and preferences are not only welcomed but celebrated. Your Land Rover’s aesthetics are a reflection of your unique style, and we’re here to bring your vision to life.


Elevating Your Information Access: Mahker goes the extra mile in enhancing your Land Rover’s electrical instruments. Our commitment to accuracy leads us to install Dakota Digital gauges, offering precise engine data directly to you. We take pride in guiding you through the process of selecting the ideal gauge for your Defender, ranging from custom digital displays that lend a modern touch to classic gauges available in a variety of finishes to cater to your unique tastes. Rest assured, all electrical instruments are installed by our experienced technicians, ensuring your vehicle’s instrumentation meets the highest standards of quality and performance.


We recognize that selecting the upholstery for your Defender is a significant decision. It’s what you’ll come in contact with every day and how you’ll infuse your taste and individuality into your vehicle. At Mahker, we offer premium leather with hand-stitched quilting in a diverse range of colors, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect interior expression. To truly appreciate the quality and texture of our finishing materials, we extend a warm invitation for you to visit our trim shop. There, you can feel the full range of our offerings firsthand, ensuring that every touch inside your Defender resonates with your unique style.



At Mahker, we recognize the significance of our work and the trust you place in us. Every step of the way, we take immense pride in the craftsmanship we deliver. As your Defender takes shape, our rigorous quality control process ensures that the highest standards are met, leaving no room for compromise. Prior to the handover, we go the extra mile by subjecting your vehicle to a 350-mile real-life driving test, designed to highlight any potential issues. Any concerns identified during this period are promptly addressed, guaranteeing that your Defender is delivered to you in impeccable condition.


The final touches to your vehicle play a crucial role in setting your Defender apart. At Mahker, we understand that the options for personalizing your Defender are virtually limitless. Whether you’re seeking a bespoke audio system to elevate your driving experience or exploring accent lighting to customize the look and feel of your vehicle, we’re here to guide you. Accent lighting, in particular, offers an effortless means to infuse your Defender with a unique aesthetic that matches your distinct personality.


Your journey with Mahker comes full circle as we prepare for the grand delivery. Your vehicle receives a meticulous full valet, ensuring that it arrives in showroom condition. This moment marks the culmination of your Defender’s transformation in our care, but it’s also the exciting beginning of its journey with you. With the handover, you officially become part of the Mahker family, and we take immense pride in knowing that your Defender is ready to embark on new adventures, carrying a legacy of craftsmanship and excellence.